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If you are looking for a reliable Homoeopathy in town, we are here to help. We are known for the best, affordable, and painless treatments with quick appointments and timely solutions.

About Us

Certified Homoeopathy Committed to Excellence

Dr. Sukhdeep Singh Sidhu
MD (B.H.M.S)
Clinical Experience, Mumbai

Our Services

All Your Homoeopathy Needs at One Place


Medicine of Genuine quality. Medicine from SBL, Schwabe and  Germany companies are in use.


Seminars or Lectures are Conducted on Homoeopathy. Teaches about selection of Medicine with potency and Repetition of doses. 


Documentary cases have been recorded and this analysis is being used in future cases. Every effect is in use to discover new theory in this field.

Free Camps

Free of cost camps are organized for needy people in rural areas, Leprosy homes, old age homes, orphanage homes, in Fairs.

Provide Diet Charts

Diet Charts issues according to Patient’s complaints, For both gaining or losing the weight.

Personal Counselling

Slots for special case of Psychological Disorders. Counseling in cases of grief, Mental Stress, Anxiety is being given.

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Looking for the best & quick Homoeopathic treatments without a long waiting time?

Simply reserve a time slot, walk in at the appointed time and get prioritized treatments at no extra cost.
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Our treatment is satisfactory for our patients. We treat the person, not a disease.

Dr. Sukhdev Singh Sidhu has 40 years of experience in the Homeopathic field. We have records of many cured cases of incurable Diseases.

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